Quite Possibly the world's best conditioner ever made!  Balance Perfect, our incredible, in shower conditioner is one of the world's most powerful combination of ingredients and Ph to de-tangle and smooth most hair types in seconds. When Mark was asked about the characteristics he most desired for the first conditioner to be born into his luxury hair care line, he drew upon his 30 plus years experience as an educator and  3 things came to mind immediately;

#1: It had to be weightless,

#2: It had to have a low Ph in order to de-tangle, lock in hair color and impart shine,

#3: It had to balance the essential elements required for hair health.

Lets just say Mark and our team of Bio-chemists Nailed it!  It smells like a walk in a citrus grove during orange blossom season and by most reports, virtually eliminates the need for any other de-tanglers. With a well thought out out approach to never weighing down hair but, feeding hair exactly what it needs, Balance Perfect delivers. Your hair will only take in what it needs so it never feels heavy or overbearing... Fall in Love with Mark's Ask The Hair Guy Luxury Hair Care to be officially this November...

but you can yours today Only at Mark's At The Pointe Salon & Boutique.