So its no secret that this summer the goal is to SHOW my 2 kids, Jacob and Joe , WHY we moved to Florida some 20 yrs ago. .. First stop, was to Destin Florida (Rated one of the TOP beaches in the USA) and Next, on to Marianna Florida, to see both the ONLY caverns in Florida not under water and the ONLY Waterfall in Florida... but its what I found at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott (Nice place BTW if your ever in that neck of the woods) that renewed my faith in the youth of today and The Hair people like me that strive to keep America Beautiful and really aim to reflect what their client is. They are Kind, Bright, Gentlemen like and Fashion Forward! Here is a Tip of hat and Celebratory THANK YOU to Micah Ruizour Guest Service Rep. Pictured Here and his "Barber" Tony Nix @ Nu Looks Barbershop near the Upper Chipola River Management Area... I could not find a website on this guy but, in true Creative Style, he clearly listens to his audience and delivers on the goods! Mr Micah Ruiz, You Have Style! May you continue to be the of the class you are and Never stop rising as the Star you are! You Sir., are My, Fashion Forward and Best Hair, Pick of the Month! Thanks for the Warm Welcome and a Sprinkle of style in an are that needs more like you! Love Mark "Ask The Hair Guy" Rodolico