Pravana Nevo Intense Therapy

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Pravana Nevo Intense Therapy


Leave-in treatment instant hair moisturizer softens, detangles, and provides deep hydration without weighing hair down.

10.1 fl oz

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5% of all NEVO products will be donated to City of Hope to fight cancer. An all-inclusive 2-phase formula combining powerful hydrating ingredients and natural proteins to deliver a complete hair-perfecting leave-in treatment.Perfectly pH balanced to help lock in color, soothe the scalp, and equalize hair porosity.

12 ways to Perfect Hair:

  1. Instantly detangle
  2. Provide deep hydration
  3. Equalize hair porosity
  4. Protect during thermal styling
  5.  Help repair split ends
  6. Protect hair color
  7. Give hair shine
  8. Eliminate effects of static electricity
  9. Soothe irritated skin
  10. Effective pre-color treatment
  11. Lessen effects of chlorine
  12. Hair cutting lotion for salon stylists